We are very proud of the food we produce at the Three Hares and we have two very well received menus to enjoy.

We have the ‘Little and Large’ Menu – perfect bite sized portions for relaxing in the bar and full meals for those wishing to enjoy a more substantial meal. Very popular indeed.

For those wishing to try somthing a little different we also have a unique and very social dining experience.

We introduce two new concepts to York.

 The Tatar’s Hat 

The Tatar’s Hat would be the signature dish of The Three Hares.  It dates back hundreds of years and the name refers to the helmet of a Tatar horseman of the Russian plains.  It was carried by the tribesmen as a means of grilling the meat that they had hunted and caught.

And of course we have a wide selection of desserts, teas, coffees, side orders. Oh, we could go on. Do come and see and experience a country pub setting in a lovely village location – with great food. Afterwards you can rate your visit with us on this site.

Mongolian Hot Pot

Tradition and history is again typified by the Mongolian Hot Pot.  It is a fabulous way to eat.

Cooking your meal in the delicious vegetable bouillon whilst talking with your friends is a very sociable way to spend the evening.

As the food you’re eating is always hot you can eat as long and as slowly as you want.  Choose from thin wafers of meat or pieces of fresh fish or, if your vegetarian, crisp seasonal vegetables

Good value, good quality food in a great country surrounding.